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UPDATED 6/1/2012: Now includes ITH/Omerta guide, updated localisation guide and numerous small fixes.
UPDATED 21/1/2012: Now includes Togainu no Chi guide and numerous small fixes.
UPDATED 08/04/2013: Small fixes, small FAQ update. Added a more general 'misc. games' guideline for hooking with AGTH!

[EDIT: Unfortunately due to Real Life circumstances, along with my waning time and passion for eroge and BL, I'm unable to troubleshoot for individual game problems or produce guides. :( I am very sorry, my responses have been getting more and more sluggish and I'd feel bad to keep it open when I'm not able to provide prompt responses. If you are continuing to experience trouble with your games I recommend the Aarinfantasy forums or, sometimes, the game tag on Tumblr.]

Introduction. )

List of required tools. )

01. Making Your Computer Compatible (Changing System Locale)
02. Installing the Game (Making a virtual drive)
03. Translating Your Game (Implementing AGTH or ITH, and the Translation Aggregator) (This part is now split into 3a and 3b; 3a deals with AGTH (most games), and 3b deals with ITH (some games, including Omerta and DRAMAtical Murder)
04. FAQ.

Making Your Computer Compatible. )

Installing Your Game. )

Translating Your Game. )

FAQ. )

Common Translator Confusion. )

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